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QBLEEV Parrot Play Stand Bird Gym Playground Wooden Perches with Ladders Hanging Bell Feeding Watering Cups Birdcage Toys for Cockatiel Conures Parakeets Canaries Pigeons Finches (14.17″x9″x20.8″)

QBLEEV Large Bird Play Stand Wood Parrot Play Pym with Swing, Climbing Ladders and Hanging Bell Toys 
Materials:screws,Beech wood and pine wood ,stainless steel tray 
√Natural and original wood bar,non-toxic,no smell,safe 
√Screws connection,stable,sturdy,durable 
√Flexible feeding and watering cups,can be fit on any place of the stand 
√Swing,ladder,hanging bell toys design appeal your birds to get more exercise 
√The wood bar diameter 0.7-INCH,SUITABLE FOR Parakeets African grey Conures Cockatiel Cockatoos Parrotlets 
√Stainless steel tray-easy to clean  
When kept as pets, parrots need time to play, to exercise and to interact with their human companions outside of their cage
With this in mind the skilled team of QBLEEV craftsman have designed a system of entertainment and  practical exercise  structures for a variety of parrots. 
You need to assembly it by yourself. 
* 1 food and water cup
* 1 hanging ladder
* 1 climbing ladders
* 1 hanging wood bell toy
* 1 stainless steel tray
Pls check all the parts in the package.

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