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GOODGROWLIES Calming Hemp Treats for Dogs – Made in USA with Hemp Oil – Anxiety Relief – Separation Aid – Stress Relief During Fireworks, Storms, Thunder – Aggressive Behavior, Barking – 120 Chews

Help your dog to cope with separation anxiety and stress with Calming Hemp Treats.
Our treats contain highly efficient natural ingredients to promote calmness and composure, especially during stressful events like thunder, car rides or unfamiliar surroundings. Ingredients:
– Natural Hemp Seed Oil and Powder – natural herb extract and powder that has a proven calming and anti-anxiety effect.
– Valerian Root – powerful anti-stress and anti-anxiety herb, helps calm your pet in a stressful environment.
– Chamomile Powder – natural calming herb, helps comfort hyperactive and hypersensitive dogs.
– L-Tryptophan – essential amino-acid, that helps moderate anxious and aggressive behavior.
Recommended serving is based on your dog’s weight:
For the weight up to 25lb the daily dose is 1 chew, for 25-50lbs = 2 chews per day, for 50-75lbs = 3 chews, for 75-100lbs = 4 chews, for over 100lbs = 5 chews per day.

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