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Caring for Cats The No Sweat Approach

Here are some great tips for learning how to take care of your cat without any hassles.

You will have use for a good deal of commitment if you want to own a cat as they do require some attention (although not as much as dogs!) and can live as old as fifteen years or maybe for a longer time sometimes.

Cats need feeding on a regular basis, care and ‘play time ‘ periodically. You will in addition, need to consider, in advance of obtaining your cat, that you will have veterinarians’ statements to purchase annual vaccines, worming and if medical treatment is needed for any illnesses. These kinds of bills can in certain cases be very pricy, but you can shop for insurance for pets. It may well be a good idea to look around to get the very best price.

veterinarian bills for cats

In advance of obtaining your cat, you should obtain bowls for food and water, a collar (if you want the cat to wear one), a bed or pet pad, a couple desirable toys, and some food items.

cat bowl

Kittens are a little more work especially when it come to feeding vs an older cat.

A kitten really should be fed throughout the day 4 times with a small amount of food each meal, cutting back to 3 times a day at 3 months old, then at six to eight months two meals per day. Older cats over one year should only be fed twice throughout the day, usually morning and early evening).



Cats clean on their own, but a soft brush on the cat, most notably the long-haired collection, will aid to cut back the quantity of hairballs in the cat’s stomach, which are caused by them licking and grooming themselves.

If you elect to have a cat-flap installed on your door so that the cat can come and go as it suits, you will have to train it to take advantage of the flap. You can use tidbits to entice the cat to pass through the flap when it is completely open. Start by opening the flap fully, just presenting the tidbit, then the second time close the flap a bit and remain doing this until the cat understands that the flap will open with a small press of the head.

Think seriously about obtaining a scratching post or cat tree to save your household furniture from damage.

Cats want to sharpen their claws on almost all household furnishings! Beds, corners of walls, carpets as well. Get a cat tree. There are plentiful to choose from. When the cat begins to scratch, take up the cat and position him or her beside the scratching post, they will in the near future get the message and work with the post in place of the furniture.

cat scratching post

There are microchip implants for your cat if you want positive identification in case they get lost.

If you are concerned about your cat going missing, or it being involved in a mishap, you can have a microchip that is around the dimensions of a grain of rice introduced into the back of the cat’s neck. The chip has information, which can assist to identify the cat as belonging to you.

It is commonly expressed that “a cat takes care of itself”. This is definitely not actually true, but they do come with a more independent personality than other domesticated pets. That said, they still make ideal companions when they endorse you to become their friend.

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