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Dog Light, Dog Collar Light, Bubba’s Leash Light – (NEW VERSION) 2 Per Pack – For Dog Walks & Backyard Monitoring. Attaches to Leash, Dog Collar, Harness. Great For Small & Large Dogs. (STEALTH BLACK)


Product Features

  • WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING - Camile said- "We've tried other doggie lights, we like this one "THE BEST"... The light points down it lights up the area where my dog is walking. I can see what's happening around him and he can see where he is going!! Also GREAT for older dogs!". J.W said - "I bought one for every dog in the neighborhood doggy playgroup... EVERYONE loved them! They fit dogs of all sizes and are very durable."
  • OUR MANY USES - See & Be Seen At Night! Perfect For Dog Walks, Late Night Backyard Supervising, Dog Parties, Entertaining, Practical Poop Spotter, Light For Clean-Up, Use As A Front Door Key Light, Leash Quick Light, Makes A Great Dog Gift.
  • GREAT FEATURES - Produces Beautiful Light - Steady Light, Points Down, LED Never Gets Hot, Water Resistant, Extremely Durable, Shatter Poof, Trigger-less Switch, Replaceable Batteries, No Flashing Light, EZ Clip Anywhere, Super Light Weight, Size Of A Collar ID Tag, Hours And Hours Of Battery Life, 2 Lights Per Pack.
  • SAFETY - You and Your Dog Become Visible To Cars, Bikes, Joggers & Others On Your Dog Walks. Bubba's Leash Light Is One Of The Best Most Unique Dog Safety Lights On The Market. A Fun and Safe Clip-on LED Go Anywhere Light.
  • FOR ALL DOG LOVERS: Makes A Great Gift! Dog Birthday & Great Father's Day Gift. A Must Have For Every Dog Owner. FREE Gift Included With Order: Dog Bark Decoded PDF. Batteries Run Over 35 Hours Before Replacing. Great for Small & Large Dogs. Click ADD TO CART To Order.
New Price: $12.97
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Product Description


A Dog Light That Lets You See & Be Seen!

The Best for Night Walks: allow drivers, cyclists, joggers & others to easily see your pup from far distances.
– Perfect for Nighttime Backyard Supervision: See what he’s up to outside
– See What Your Dog is Sniffing: No more sniffing or eating anything he shouldn’t be in the dark.
– Be Safer at Night: Light up those darker areas so you can see better, see your dog better, and feel confident others can see you as well.

A Mini Flashlight for Your Dog

Make your nightly walks and backyard time Fun & Safe! Bubba’s Leash Light provides the perfect light you need for your Dog to be seen. People LOVE this Little Light & can’t stop talking about it when they see it!

A Dog Light that Sets Itself Apart from the Others

– Super lightweight & small. (Same size as a ID Tag!)
– Strong, metal D-clamp clasp for no-fuss attachment that secures so light won’t fall off.
– Great sturdy design with durable material & smooth edges.
– Light streams like a flashlight – no flashing, blinking or glowing.
– Unbreakable LED light that never gets hot.
– Light can be seen from any angle & will not distract your dog.
– Perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages.Water-resistant.
– Just attach to your dog’s collar, harness, leash, dog tags – or wherever you choose – & you’re ready to enjoy!
– Always supervise your dog with the leash light on & remove when not in use. MAY BE HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Replaceable Batteries: CR2016 or CR2032

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Click ADD TO CART & Light Up Your Dog at Night!

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Customer Reviews

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