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FurroLandia Hemp Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs – 170 Soft Chews – Made in USA – Glucosamine for Dogs – Chondroitin – MSM – Turmeric – Hemp Seed Oil – Natural Pain Relief & Mobility


Product Features

  • ✅Soothes joint pain - Our Hemp chews are formulated with hemp extract and Glucosamine elements found to reduce chronic joint and hip pain and slow the degeneration of collagen
  • ❤️Tasty & All natural - NO hiding these Hemp chews In food or getting your fingers nipped just to get your dogs to eat them. Our Hemp treats are made of natural, tasty ingredients your dog will love!
  • ✅Support hip and joint health - Hemp has also been found to have a natural calming effect on pets. Glucosamine for dogs can help your pet get much needed relaxation from the ails of chronic joint pain
  • ✅High efficacy - includes Glucosamine and turmeric, Chondroitin, hyaluronic acid which are some of nature's heaviest hitters in the joint supplement for dogs. Our blend uses 8000mg of hemp extract
  • ✅GREAT DEAL - Each bottle of our dog mobility chews comes with 170 chews-so your furry friend will have enough supply for a long period
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Product Description

Are sore and aching joints keeping your pet from being their best dog self? Joint and hip problems seem like an older dog’s problem, but actually, about 20% of adult dogs over the age of 1 are affected by some sort of chronic joint pain due to conditions like osteoarthritis. Painful joints are devastating for dogs, whose happiest days revolve around play and movement. Chronic pain also heavily affects their quality and length of life. Keep your dogs bounding about happily well into old age with FurroLandia’s Hemp Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs! Our chews not only help relieve joint and hip pain, but also actively support their health by promoting collagen and cartilage formation. Collagen is the protein between joints that cushion bones from grinding and helps disperse weight and impact properly around joints. Hemp helps stimulate the production of more collagen, while glucosamine helps repair damaged tissues and cartilage. These chews are especially ideal for active dogs, elderly dogs, and working breeds. Turmeric, one of the active ingredients in our treats, also supports digestive health by helping your furry friend absorb vitamins better from food. The plant also helps reduce inflammation in the gut. Help Spot live pain and worry free! Not convinced yet? Here are more benefits waiting in each bottle: ✅ Made in the USA ✅ Less filler, more real ingredients ✅ High extract count means lower dosage—each bottle lasts longer than average Help your dog be the active, happy rascal they’re born to be. Add the FurroLandia Hemp Hip and Joint Chews to your cart TODAY!

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