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Adjustable Reflective Pet Leash Collar Harness Set Double Band Nylon Dog Paw’s Print Leash Set for Small Medium Pet for Walking Black,Small

Offering safety for dogs when they are crossing roads because dogs don’t know about traffic lights. Keeping them from getting lost when they are enjoying the please of taking adventures in unfamiliar places because dogs are quite curious. Keeping dogs from possible dangers when taking a walk, also it can stop them timely in a fight.

#1 No Stress & Comfortable: Made of high quality denim cloth, preventing the leash from being biting by your dog.
#2 Durable & Anti-rust Hook: Stainless steel hook and ring makes it durable and tough enough to handle dogs.
#3 Reduce Chafing: Good nylon stitching makes the leash and harness have a clear look. The nylon harness and adjustable buckle both
have no hard edges and are not harmful for pet neck and chest.
#4 Adjustable Soft Straps: The adjustable harness is easy to wear and 2 adjustable points can easily adjust to fit for your dog.

Package Include
1 x Harness
1 x Leash
1 x Collar

WFind the Right Size
Measure your dog’s width/girth by wrapping a tape measure around your dog’s chest, just behind the front legs.
Use the measurement below to find correct sizing.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Chest/Girth measurement provides most accurate sizing.
S size:
Collar: 9″-14″
Harness: 9″-14″
Leash: 48″
M size:
Collar: 14″-20″
Harness: 14″-24″
Leash: 48″

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