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A Healthy And Balanced Cat Distinguishes What Tastes Really Good

Your cat will most likely let you know if the food you are feeding them is what they really want and need.

As all cat lovers know, a feline can be a splendid extension to any home. Just one of the most necessary areas of cat ownership is good healthcare for the cat. Health care for a cat covers a wide variety of vaccine shots, flea prevention, veterinarian visitations, medications, and even proper exercise.

That being said, the most significant element of cat health is also often missed. Folks allot lots of hours and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a cat to help keep it healthy, but many cat owners don’t pay even close to sufficient focus on the ideal cat food.

The ideal cat food is positively essential to a healthy, happy cat.

But what is the ideal cat food for your cat? While each cat will have a bit different nutritional needs, there are various standard stipulations that must be factored in when looking for cat food.

high protein cat food

First of all, cats (like their human owners) are in need of a top quality diet. This implies the best kinds of protein, fats, carbs, and the fewer preservatives and chemical additives, the more ideal. The majority of the fact-finding offered via the internet does not analyze unique brands of cat food, as much as distinct ingredients to feed your cat, and which to stay away from!


Cats need to have a high protein diet. Wild cats are rather carnivorous, and cats obtain a large amount of their dietary needs from protein. House cats, though not wild, even so, have a number of the same nutritional requirements as their wild feline ancestors. So, among the most significant element in any cat food is protein.

chicken meal cat food

Carbohydrates are also a fundamental part of a cats diet, whereas not as critical as protein. Cats definitely should derive the majority of their nutritional needs from protein, so cat food choices that are very high in carbohydrates may not actually be the best for them.

Many premium brand cat foods are a good value compared to lesser quality cat food products.

Surprisingly enough, many of the premium brands of cat food, including Eukanuba and Innova supply correctly what most cats need, and may not be necessarily more overpriced in the end. This is because high-end cat foods call for a lesser serving amount than the low-end cat foods to give a cat all the nutritional value they need to be contented and healthy.

When analyzing a premium brand, for example, Eukanuba, to a lower cost brand such as Purina, the cost difference for the proposed serving size is only a nickel a day. In addition, considering a cat will eat less of the high-end cat food, their litter will be reduced. This can lower the number of litter renewal and litter box related duties.

Pay particular attention to the grade of protein in your choice for a high quality cat food.

An additional aspect of cat food to be considered is the grade of the protein in the food. Because of the method a number of pet food firms describe the animal protein in the food, it might be tricky to identify accurately what the contrast between “chicken flavored”, and “chicken dinner” is.

Food that contains “chicken meal” can solely be made from the skin, flesh, and bones only. This is actually the leading form of protein for a cat. Food that has “meat byproducts ” can consist of just about any animal parts, and are of lower quality than “chicken meal”. Food that is “chicken flavored” basically has to taste like chicken, but may well not provide any animal meat period. Also, chicken is ordinarily more ideal than beef for cats.

cat food diet high in protein

And it goes without stating, chemicals, together with artificial colors, ought to be avoided every time possible. Although specific research is lacking on this subject, we do have an idea that preservatives and artificial colors can have a negative impact on human health. It is purely rational that cats will also be negatively impaired by artificial colors and chemicals in their cat food.

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