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wintchuk Dog Head Collar with Padded Leather, Head Harness Stops Dog Pulling, Head Leash(M, Black)


Product Features

  • MULTIFUCTION: Here are very important instructions mentioned in the description below to teach you how to train a dog to accept the dog head collar more easily.
  • COMFORTABLE : Padded with leather nose loop for ensuring your dog more comfort and to prevent skin abrasions. Adjustable nylon straps allows flexible movements for dogs to pant and yawn.
  • SAFE & PRACTICAL: Firmness, point force insertion buckle, safety does not take off and anti-dog burst.
  • MULTIPE SIZES: The dog head harness halter comes in 3 sizes and can be adjusted to be used for all dogs including tiny and giant breeds.
  • GUARANTEEN: We offer free replacement service, please feel free to email us if there is any issue.
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Product Description

Attention: The important instructions about training dogs accept the dog head collar

If you still have any issues, please check the video by copy the link to the website:

Step 1 Put the collar where the dog can touch it, let the dog sniff it, continual praise and treat, repeat until your dog indicates that the collar looks interesting in a way.

Step 2 Take the collar and gently touch it to your dog’s body, slowly approaching the dog face. Give a treat. Repeat until your dog feels well.

Step 3 Holding the collar in one hand and giving a treat in the other hand, so he needs to put his nose inside the collar to get the treat. Repeat this steps until your dog seems used to the collar.

Step 4 Put the collar on the dog and quickly lock the buckle. Treat. Removing the collar after several seconds.

Step 5 Repeat step 4 few times until they become used to wearing the collar, slowly lengthen the amount of time they are wearing it.

Attention:Don’t let your dog wear the collar in a long time.

Notes on fasten dog leash

Please fasten the dog leash to the strap of dog’s neck, rather than D-ring(mouth loop).

If you fasten the dog leash to the ring, the collar might be pulled off when dogs are running.

Size Map:

S – Snout Circumference: 6-10″”; Neck Strap: 12-16″”

M – Snout Circumference: 7-16″”; Neck Strap: 15-21″”

L – Snout Circumference: 9-19″”; Neck Strap: 18-21″”

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