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Thank you for joining our community. I think you will find that having a one stop shop for all your pet needs along with a blog you may enjoy reading will be a good fit. The link to your free report in right below these download instructions:  Right click on the button that says Curb Your Cat.  You should see a box popup and one of the selections will be “save file” or “save file here” depending on which browser you are using. Select that by left clicking on it and you will then see that you can choose where you want to download the file. Make sure you save it somewhere you will remember. Best place may be your desktop. If you left click on the button right from the start, the file will most likely start to download immediately and will most likely go to your downloads folder. You will need a zip file opener to open the zipped file. Most computers already have a program to open zip files but if you don’t you can download a free program called 7Zip here:    You will also need a PDF file reader which again most computers already have, most likely Adobe Reader, but if not you can get the program free right here:

Thank you again for joining our community. I would like to invite you to take a look at our store where we carry a complete line of pet supplies for cats and dogs. All you have to do is click here and when you go to our blog page, just hover your mouse over the word blog up in the menu near the top of the page and you will see a drop down menu with all the product categories. This will make your search for a particular type of item very convenient because all of that category of product will be in one place for you to look at. We source all of our products from Amazon so when you click on a buy from Amazon button associated with a product it will take you directly to Amazon where you can then either purchase the item or continue to shop for any other product that Amazon offers. Amazon almost always has some of the lowest prices available for these items. If you are a prime member of course you also get fast free shipping. Welcome to Kittyz Universe Website.