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LYNX Cat Door for Pets – 4 Way Locking Cat Flap – for Interior Doors & Exterior Doors, Wall or Hidden Cat Litter Box – Easy & Quick Installation – Kitty Training Tips Included (Off-White)


Product Features

  • 🐱 UNIQUE STYLISH DESIGN: IS YOUR CAT square? So why use a boring square cat door? LYNX interior cat door boasts a unique cylindrical design, adding a touch of fun even boring cats enjoy! Give your kitty her freedom with this stylish interior pet door!
  • 🐱 EASY ACCESS & KEEP THE SMELL OUT: Create a private getaway for your cat in the laundry room, pantry, basement, garage, etc. Keep the odor of the litter box out of your living room and keep the dogs and babies away from the cat food.
  • 🐱 HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION IN UNDER 30 MINUTES: No handyman or DIY experience needed. Follow the instruction manual, use the cutting template and your cat will be pouncing through in no time. Fits 1"-2" hollow-core & solid doors.
  • 🐱 FITS SMALL AND MEDIUM CATS: The maximum opening size of the flap is 5.9" x 7.5". Fits kitties up to 12 LBS. The will quickly learn to jump through if you use our free cat training tips. And their paws or nails won't get stuck.
  • 🐱 DURABLE MATERIALS, MADE TO LAST: The Lynx Cat Door is unbreakable and scratch resistant. Built-in screws keep the door in place for many years to come. Nevertheless you are always covered by our 100% money back guarantee.
New Price: $39.95
Old Price: $39.95
(as of 10/04/2023 12:53 UTC - Details)
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Product Description

Give your precious pet the independence they crave, without putting yourself at risk by clicking add to cart now. We guarantee they’ll love peering thru our translucent, 4 WAY LOCKING cat door, or simply let us know and we’ll extend a full refund.


Option (1) Locks pet doors closed both ways

Option (2) means door opens both ways

Option (3) allows cat out, not in

Option (4) allows can in, not out

SWIFT, EASY latch transition design allows you to change between settings in a blink.


If you can read directions and use household tools, you can easily install this cat door system. Simple 12 step installation guide and accurate cutting template allow you to form the perfect hole, without ruining your door, then install preassembled panels with included screws – your cat will be pouncing through in no time flat.


  • ULTRA-DURABLE – Lynx FREE KITTY is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and adorably translucent.
  • NOISE REDUCTION STRIP – ensures silent entry and exit of your cat
  • VERSATILE & UNIVERSAL – Works on Interior doors & walls from 1 inch – 2 inches thick
  • PROTECTS PAWS & TAIL – No irritated confused cats because Lynx FREE KITTY won’t hurt paws or tails.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN – Unique contemporary circular design will become the envy of all your feline friends.
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL & MEDIUM CATS up to 12 lbs, and DOOR FRAMES up 1” to 2” thick.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (30 Days)

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