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Andiker Interactive Cat Toy, Cat Plush Toy with Spiral Spring Plate and Funny Ball or Mouse Interactive Stainless Steel Spring Rotating Cat Creative Toy to Kill time and Keep Fit (Fish)

Product Description:
Do you still want to come home to find that your house is a mess because of cats every time?
Would you like to give your cat some interesting things when you are not at home?
Our cat interactive toy is designed to let cats spend a lot of boring time to play even without their host, and reduce the damage to the house.
Diameter: 14.5 cm
Weight: 210 g
Height: 20 cm
Material: Plush+Spring
Gameplay Guidelines:
Most cats are curious, but sometimes they are afraid of strange things. When this cat toy is given to him, he may be afraid. You can gently press the mouse head/ball/fish on it. When the cat is familiar with it, it will play by itself.

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